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In Their Habitat...

I have always been in awe of life on Earth and have spent more and more of my time seeking out the most iconic and most bizarre of creatures. I’ve always looked for them in their natural habitat - I don’t visit zoos or aquariums. Instead I’ve done hundreds of dives looking for the tiniest of nudibranches in the Philippines, I’ve helped bring a lost polar bear cub back to it’s mother in the Arctic, and I’ve had to run away from a very close encounter with an elephant in dense undergrowth whilst on a walking safari in Ethiopia.

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Swimming with seals

What a fantastic couple of weeks of weather we've had.  It reminds me of the time I was a child and the summer's were (a little more) predictable.  We used to have weeks and almost months of pleasant temperatures and when the conditions are just right there is no where else I'd rather be than in the English countryside.

We came to Cornwall on the summer's solstice to swim with Basking Sharks.  Unfortunately we didn't see any but took the next best thing, SEALS! 

They are inquisitive and cute, nipping at our fins as they glide past us.   The young ones stare at us with big brown eyes, twitching their whiskers before sticking their heads out of the water to check us out more thoroughly.

On our way back we came across a pod of Reese's dolphins, jumping and slapping their tail right in front of our boat.  One dolphin was played around with a giant jellyfish pushing him out of the water and back down again.  But no photos of these (camera malfunction).

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