bbc Astronauts 2017

I must admit, as soon as I hear that word, ‘astronaut’, my ears prick up and I’m searching around for whoever said it.   I’ve always wanted to be an astronaut and I’m in awe of those that have managed to leave the confines of our atmosphere and unshackled from the bonds of gravity float freely outside of this world.

In 2017, the BBC, along with Commander Chris Hadfield selected 12 exceptional candidates from around the UK and put them through Astronaut training - I was one of them.


Astronauts:  Do You Have What It Takes?

Why I wanted to be an astronaut?


Astronauts:  Tests and Phobias

Over the six part series, we were put through a wide range of tests, testing our natural physical and mental abilities.  Episode 1 started at the deep end and got us to experience our phobias.


Astronauts:  That Darn Rover!

To be able to pick up a new skill and become an expert very quickly is essential for an astronaut candidate.  In Episode 2, we had to drive a rover on a simulated Mars landscape.


Astronauts:  Docking Onto the ISS

The most crucial task of a modern day astronaut is to be able to dock onto the International Space Station.  Incredibly, we were flown to Germany to train on a real Soyuz simulator that astronauts train on prior to launch.

talk to chris.png

Astronauts:  Why the Future Must Have Wings

Every astronaut requires to be able communicate with the public about their experiences and the importance of space exploration - in Episode 4 we had to give a talk on space exploration to three time astronaut Chris Hadfield.