Throughout my travels I have captured some of the world's most incredible places and events on film. 

I have split up the films into two sets:  really short films if you're just browsing through and slightly longer short films that you will need a nice comfy chair and a cup of tea but are guaranteed to be blown away.  I'm sure you'll enjoy watching these films as much as I enjoyed making them.

All films, unless otherwise stated, are filmed, produced and edited by myself. 

This page is for the slightly longer short films.  If you don't have so much time on your hands follow the menu at the top for the 'Really Short Films'.  Enjoy!

The Azores:  Islands of Adventure
2015, 09:15s,  Vijay Shah

Peaking out of the vastness of the Atlantic ocean lie the volcanic islands of the Azores. Equidistant between Europe and North America they are neither from the old world or the new but instead a world of their own. This summer, before which I never knew these islands existed, I was fortunate to spend a couple of weeks visiting. They're incredible!

The Kumbh Mela:  The Largest Human Gathering Ever
2013, 14:42s,  Vijay Shah

In 2013 as I was travelling through India I was invited by a respected holy man to attend the largest human festival that has every occurred. I spent eight days and nights at the festival. The experience was one of the most impressive I have ever witnessed. Subtitles available in: English, French, Spanish and Italian. click on the CC button to select.

2011, 11:13s, Vijay Shah, Nick Peres
 In April 2011 a British team attempted to cross the Penny Ice Cap, Baffin Island, Arctic Canada. This is the expedition video showing the expedition in it's entirety.

2011, 12:29s, Vijay Shah

A short film showing the start of our Penny Ice Cap crossing in Spring 2011. To get out to our start point we travel by snow mobile over sea ice for about eight hours. During which we came across some local wildlife...

The Murmurs of Jamnagar
2013, 5:36s, Vijay Shah

In the North Western Indian state of Gujarat there is a city that is covered in hundreds of species of birds. In the winter months it is also the scene of the most beautiful murmurations of Rosy Starlings that you could ever see.

A Special Lecture on Aeronautics (somewhere in the Zambian countryside)
2014, 09:45s, Vijay Shah

In 2012 during another year's travelling I found myself in a small Zambian village with no electricity or running water. We were greeted with song and dance and countless smiling faces.

What could I do to give something back?

2013, 10:39s, Vijay Shah

During my six month travels through India I saw and experienced many things. I was heading into the Himalayas to partake in a 10 day silent meditation course but as soon as I saw the mountains I yearned to be on them.

2013, 12:32s, Vijay Shah

The kite festival in Ahmadabad, Gujarat is one of the most eagerly anticipated festivals of the year. Millions of kites are flown over the two day festival. This video follows Deepak Banjara, a local kite enthusiast as he celebrates this festival in 2013.

Jiten's Factory

2013, 96:32s, Vijay Shah

India's small businesses make up the vast majority of it's economy. Here is an insight into one of these factories and the fascinating world of manufacture.

2012, 09:35s, Vijay Shah

In late 2012 as part of our travels through Southern Africa we sneaked onto the 90km Fish River Canyon hike in Namibia.

The hike took us through some of the most spectacular scenery in Africa.

2010-4, 18:43s, Vijay Shah

In August 2010, a team of students, graduates and outdoor instructors spent one month on Baffin Island, trekking over 300km over tundra, moraine and glaciers.

During the expedition I asked them: Why should we care if the climate changes?