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About Vijay

Until the age of 18 I couldn't tell the difference between Snowdon or Everest.

But then a chance encounter, a rash decision and a university placement deferred I embarked on an eight month journey through tropical rainforests, pristine coral reefs and the high Arctic that questioned everything I knew... 

...and only five years later I found myself solo climbing several 6000m mountains in South America.

But it was the extreme environments of the Arctic that had captivated my imagination and I soon discovered myself launching several expeditions to Baffin Island in the Canadian Arctic, experiencing some of the harshest conditions on the planet.

Despite these expeditions, exploration for me is not about making arduous journeys across the extremes of the planet but is a mindset, a way of experiencing the world.  My journeys vary from opening up new routes across the Arctic, suffering temperatures down to -60C, to hitch hiking across Africa, enjoying great hospitality.

Exploration is not about making arduous journeys ...but is a mindset, a way of seeing the world.

I have spent over three years travelling and on expedition in six of the world's continents, but there has been one place that has mesmerised me since childhood - that is the vastness of Space. 

We've barely dipped a toe into the Universe, and so my professional explorations are in the realms of aerospace engineering developing the next generation of aircraft and spacecraft to explore this planet and beyond.

Vijay Shah is a chartered engineer with the Royal Aeronautical Society and a member of the Arctic Club and the All-Party Parliamentary Group for the Polar Regions.


Vijay Shah

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