Throughout my travels I have captured some of the world's most incredible places and events on film. 

I have split up the films into two sets:  really short films if you're just browsing through and slightly longer short films that you will need a nice comfy chair and a cup of tea but are guaranteed to be blown away.  I'm sure you'll enjoy watching these films as much as I enjoyed making them.

All films, unless otherwise stated, are filmed, produced and edited by myself. 

This page is for the really short films.  If you want to check out some longer films follow the menu at the top for 'Short Films'.  Enjoy!

Erta Ale
2016, 2:24s, Vijay Shah & Libby Duplock

In the far north eastern corner of Ethiopia in the hottest place on Earth lies Erta Ale, a mountain with an astonishing secret. Erta Ale remains the most incredible spectacle I have ever seen. Original score composed by JP Waksman

Dancers on the Sand
2015, 2:27s, Vijay Shah

As the sun sets on the secluded beaches of the Andaman Islands, a bizarre creature searches for a home.

What did you do today?
2012, 3:05s, Vijay Shah

I have so much footage to get through from my last trip to Southern Africa and India that it's going to take some time!  Here's a little taster of some of the stuff I've been up to.  Enjoy!

2010, 4:44s, Vijay Shah

Short movie of our educational expedition to Baffin Island Summer 2010. We spent four weeks in the Arctic, walking almost 300km over tundra, morraine and glaciers.

The Crocodile's Picnic
2014, 1:47s, Vijay Shah

In the depths of Botswana, Africa, a crocodile finds some free food. But will he be able to get a meal?  A Doctor Seuss inspired rhyme. :-)

Southern Africa 2012:  The Greatest Infinity Pool in the World
2012, 4:13s, Vijay Shah

A journey to the highest waterfall on the planet, Victoria Falls. Some strong language.

Southern Africa 2012:  Wakey, Wakey, Rise and Shine
2012, 0:56s, Vijay Shah

This is one way to wake up in the morning.

What's on your doorstep?  (Adventures on a summer's solstice?)
2014, 2:57s, Vijay Shah

I spent this summer's solstice, 21st June 2014, in gorgeous Cornwall, only a few hours from Bristol. There are wonders on everyone's doorstep.

Wye Canoe?
2015, 3:05s, Vijay Shah

Red kites soared overhead descending close, right over our heads. Swifts darted between and around us, pulling the most impressive of aerobatic turns to prey on flying insects. Song thrushes perched on the bowed ends of reeds sang their sweet melody. A cuckoo interrupted and a woodpecker punctuated.

That's Why.  A trip canoeing down the River Wye.