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Polio, LSD and Meditation

I met this guy a couple of months ago.  He holds a group meditation session once a week for vipassana meditators.  I've slowly learned about his life which has been far from normal.  Having been stricken with Polio at the age of one his world was suddenly rearranged forever.  He is now 69 and he's created a website on his autobiography which in his own words is "a peculiar mixture of crime, physics, LSD, travel, secondary school teaching and, very importantly, meditation."

His autobiography is free to download from his website and there is an audio version too.

Go to http://benevolencejwest.weebly.com/

"If you know of anyone working with the blind or partially sighted, please direct them to the site above.  Also, anyone with a physical disability might find my story of interest.

For anyone more interested in the meditation aspects, that starts on CD5. "

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