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Baffin Island in 4 days time

As I sit and write this I have a million things to do. There is kit everywhere in three different countries and two different continents. Yes, somehow I got roped into (pun intended!) heading to Baffin Island again to re-attempt our 2008 crossing of the Penny Ice Cap. Three weeks ago I was looking forward to a quiet month in April to watch spring blossom. But three weeks minus one day ago I was suddenly faced with the prospect that I was due to part on a polar exped in three weeks minus one day time! I have to admit there wasn't much coercing required but that didn't make the mountain of organisation any easier.

Whilst I arrange my gear, check, double check and triple check I leave you to check out our flashy blog with exped maps in 3D, polar expert panel on Education through Explorations website:


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