Baffin Island Expedition 2011
Baffin Island Expedition 2011


Vijay Shah lives in a juxtaposition of two worlds carefully balancing his passion for designing aircraft with the unrelenting call of the wild and exploring the unknown. 

Vijay’s desire to explore has led him to some of the furthest corners of the globe.  He has guided expeditions for British Exploring, solo climbed several high altitude mountains in the Andes and opened up a new route traversing the remote Penny Ice Cap on Arctic Canada’s Baffin Island facing temperatures down to -60C. 

He has spent over three years travelling and on expedition; experiencing some of the most diverse cultures on the planet:  He was invited to attend the largest human gathering that has ever occurred, meditated for 10-days in silence in the Himalayas and lived for a month with an Indigenous Andean community in the Ecuadorian Andes.  As an environmentalist he also follows a vegan diet.

Vijay is currently living in the UK after five years living across France, Switzerland and the Netherlands.  He speaks English, French and Gujarati.  He is available for talks and presentations.


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